Saturday, December 13, 2008

rss and k.s sudarshan

this group is actively involved in spreading the falsehood that Indians were enslaved.
these are the people who have been attributing cowardice to the Indian people and distorting reality.
this group s strategy is to make the hindus feel ashamed for the rule of the muslim dynasties.
they try to paint the picture of the Indian kingdoms not fighting back.
this method leads the people into a false kind of thinking which has no basis in reality.
the rss should apologise to the people for spreading the calumny that the Indians were enslaved.
The Indian people can be extremely violent when provoked and can be extremely reasonable in other times.
this sophistication of the people who have enjoyed civilised existences in organised societies is sought to be depicted as a weakness.
the strength of the people is made out to be as the weakness.
the people were always eager to receive newer developments in religion and were inspired by any new religion.
the people were not intellectual dummies who were frozen in one type of religion.
they were awakened by every fresh input and every fresh whiff of religion.
they did not consider themselves as belonging to the order of hinduism.
religion was any method which was devised by the people.
the rulers had to provide good governance,if they failed,the governments would crumble and newer ones were formed.
a strong government with a reasonable and a wise ruler would have continued for a number of decades.
the people were least bothered whether the ruler belonged to this religion or that.
the rulers in their battles and wars needed religion to gain the upper hand in their martial campaigns.
the religion and the god of a ruler was used to instill fear and awe in the opposition.
once the other side received a thinking and a religion which gave it a sense of purpose and a self confidence,it began fighting with new vigour.
it now had the tool to negate the influence of the opposition due to its gods.
a few rulers tried to impose taxes on the hindus to prod the people towards religions which they practiced whereas others would have used more violent methods to suppress religions which had gained strength from the patronage of the earlier ruler.
all talk of enslavement and defeat are the utterings of idiots.
an apology from these idiots would not be worth anything as they are known to be idiots.
the so called hinduism should shed the company of such idiots who are damaging the name of hinduism by attributing defeat and enslavement to hinduism.

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