Saturday, December 13, 2008


Iran suffered the attacks of genghis khan and timur and almost a million Iranians were massacred in the thirteenth century.

The early Iranian civilisation and zorastrianism gave way to Islam.

We are well informed about the mongols and their massacres and that babur was a descendant of timur but the mongol campaigns in Iran and Eurasia were the most extreme.
The mongols were repulsed in India in the early fourteenth century by zafar khan and ala ud din khilji.
In 1398,timur committed a massacre in Delhi.
timur was able to move in without any solid resistance as there was a vacuum in delhi after the death of the last tughlaq king.
the focus of the mongols was towards Iran ,Iraq,Syria and other areas in the west.
Iran suffered the most followed by Delhi and Baghdad.
the mongols possessed the best tactics of those times using intelligence in a major way.
though their major aims were pillage ,they left behind governors in Damascus and Palestine.

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