Saturday, December 13, 2008

election campaign

the aiadmk and the bjp have waited for six months from the time they lost elections and then begun campaigning for the next elections.

the bjp began its campaign for the april 2009 elections in january 2005,

the aiadmk began its campaign for the 2011 elections in january 2007.

both of these parties have no idea about democracy and think it to be a slander campaign.

the bjp s democratic methods are totally based on painting the ruling party and alliance as committed to destroying hinduism.

the aiadmks methods are to keep on repeating something ,anything and hoping that some of the accusations reach the people.

from day one,the aiadmk has been trying to spread a picture of everything being wrong.

nothing ever,at all,can be possibly right anywhere,in any corner,at any single moment in tamilnadu if jayalalithaa is not sitting in the chair of the chief minister.there just cannot be any chance that any hint of governance can be spotted remotely if jayalalithaa is not the chief minister.

these methods tell a lot about the calibre of these parties.

it also tells a lot about the unease while in opposition,as these parties have agendas which are not a part of the normal functioning of democracy.

the result is that everything is opposed and every crime or calamity is attributed to the mis rule of the government.

these actions are not conducive to the flourishing of a healthy democracy.

the people are taken for a ride by these parties and the normal flow and functioning of the democratic machine is disrupted.

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