Thursday, December 11, 2008

proud people

why should a people be proud of themselves?
it could be on account of their industriousness,their accomplishments,their endeavours and their courage.
pride should not come by a creation of a superiority which necessitates the accompanying creation of an inferiority.
pride should not come from a religion which has been fashioned which instills awe in others who have not fashioned or felt the need to fashion religions.
a great religion will not be bragged about but will try to reduce any grandeur that creeps in.
a god which has been created should be shared with everybody and cannot be kept restricted to the people with access.
if it is a form given by a great ingenuousness,what is the word that can be used to describe the act of keeping it restricted to others.
there could be the fear that others will benefit and hence should be denied access.
demanding that a documentation of the act of creating the place of worship should be done is different from denying the occasion to everyone to get the chance to offer worship.
if this is one kind of self preservation,the other kind is forcing all and sundry to convert to ones form of worship.
this is a bigger kind of self preservation as it is motivated by the lack of confidence about the greatness of ones religion.
the earlier kind of denial of religion to everyone and an assumption and an imagination of a superiority will bring up the latter kind.
the second kind might even be a response of nature in which the first self preservation descended into haughtiness and arrogance.
where there is no arrogance,there would not be any reason or scope for distrust.
no religion can allow itself to justify an attack or a subjugation of others by portraying them as inferior as they do not have possession of the said religion.
this kind of justification might have been used in older times to get a necessary moral sanction to indulge in warfare or other acts of vandalisation.

we ve got religion now and hence we will hit you because you accused us of not having religion.
this response was perpetrated by the pride, arrogance and haughtiness of the possessors of religion.
having a religion is not equivalent to having a god.
everyone has a god.
having a religion is due to the advancement of a society in its material pursuits which has necessitated a quelling of the doubts which have surfaced in the process.
the keen ness to hang on to the acquired materials and positions ends up creating a religion which justifies an exalted nature and giving rise to future problems.
a religion has to be simple and open to everybody if it is to survive and serve the purpose of widening the horizons of the mind of the people.
if the purpose was something else,the results will not be serving those other purposes.

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