Wednesday, December 10, 2008

rajeev srinivasan

i do not know what this guys contribution has been in the media or anywhere else.
this is the second article of his that i m coming across on
he belongs to the type which views history in terms of hindu and muslim and which feels that it has the burden of rectifying the strategic blunders of the hindus of the past.
on the other side,the muslim equivalent of this type is one who wants to replicate the strategic brilliance of the muslims of the past.
a charitable judgement would be to term this a simplistic view.
the khyber pass winds through a mountain range and its length is 50 kms.
the indus valley settlements extended upto iran.
the mauryan empire extended well into afghanistan.
trade was well established from pre mauryan times and between the countries of the mesopotamian civilisations and the indus valley civilisations.
the people knew the languages and the cultures of each other.
there was no ocean between them which prevented them from mingling.
taxila was at the intersection of major trade routes.

the people living in present day India had no tradition of travelling only upto the khyber pass and not risking looking across,never risking going across,as there were barbarians living over there.
that can be the inference from such articles.
kingdoms and rulers have always been at war with each other and have always been trading with each other over millennia.

these are the types of people who have somehow twisted everything to fit into their present malaise of a fear of their religion being at risk.
in the process,they lose grip of the basic reality that religion is all about reaching god,who has created everything that they see and sense.

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