Thursday, December 11, 2008


a value addition was in view during the karthigai deepam ceremony,a priest was taken out ,sitting with a deity,wearing an alien looking crown.
it looked like an anointment and was out of place and worse.
it could be a tradition but it certainly did not fit in with the ambience and the devotion.
it looked like a statement was being made.

from a general viewpoint,one of the commentators on podhigai tv sounded a defensive note that these are our traditions and they should not be questioned.

earlier,during the soora samhaaram in tiruchendur,a naamam was placed in a prominent position in the rituals.

some agendas are being peddled by groups and individuals who can also be seen espousing the bjp.
are these double agents or just people with insecurities regarding vaishnavisms footing.

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