Thursday, December 25, 2008

electronic media should be ejected from the fourth estate

the electronic media worked up an undiplomatic atmosphere as it needed something to jump to after the high of the three days.
it did not have the wherewithal to organise a coup in the country which should have logically followed its manner of speaking and suggestion.
it,therefore,jumped into the war and all the analysis with all the experts.
it is sad for the media that we are not the united states of america,acting in various theatres of war and being in the centre of the economic turmoil and having an election which interested people in various parts of the globe.
how they would wish that we were more a country which was forever at war.
the best thing the god damned media would want now is for a localised war to begin now.
the fattening can continue,camouflaged as the proud working of the lofty and independent media.
the electronic media is not conducive to the workings of our democracy if it is not immediately forced to drop the folly of acting wise without actually being in the electoral democracy.
the media,the fourth estate should not include the electronic media.
this has to be enforced immediately by the political parties which should not go to the shows on the electronic media.
the congress and other parties should start a 'fool watch'department and which ever fool transgressed from the circus into the sphere of the electoral democracy could be reprimanded lightly,followed by more severe punishments.
at the very least,there can be an electronic media monitor,with weekly reports,and monthly interrogations of the transgressors,which would be the media event of the electronic media,for the electronic media and by the electronic media.
the circus of the electronic media,does not in any way,deserve the honour of the embrace of the fourth estate.
if there was some use,it has outlived it now.

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