Friday, December 19, 2008


the increase in wealth could be a big curse as it removes man from reality as the material riches and comforts shield him from the inevitability of death and the fickleness of life.
The americans have become the fountain head of the materialistic society and are catering to the baser desires of man around the world.
becoming a wealthy nation might actually be a curse of god.
have we become too enamoured of the good times,to be able to look around and do the things which will result in a change in circumstances for everybody.
have we become sure of the fantasy that we are special and hence live and lead the special life.
have we been cursed.

the warriors of ancient times celebrated the honour of death in the battle field.
the battles of the twentieth century witnessed a descent from the rules of the battlefield and into genocide.

this allowed the victors to portray their way of life as civilised and the american century was born.
everything was done to continue the generation of wealth and the continuation of the wealthy lifestyle.
the americans could not even bring themselves to ratify the kyoto protocol.
the protocol required a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions upto 5 % over a period of two decades.
the americans could not bring themselves to even think of it and were the only country which did not ratify it.
now,they ve come around.

the accumulation of wealth makes man resort to all measures to hang on to it,instigating wars and crushing opposition,inventing religious sanction and a superiority arising out of religion.
it is not anything particularly wrong with the americans,any country,society,group or individual which has accumulated too much wealth would have probably done the same.the accumulation of wealth could be a beginning of troubles,of the mind,of the body.
christianity could not be said to have failed the americans,it could have not been equipped to deal with the abnormality of too much of the good times.
but,a religion which accentuates and focusses on the simplicity in contrast to ostentation would have been a better mooring.

life should be celebrated but too much of the celebration would result in people being too much in love with life.
the balance would be arrived at over centuries and millennia.
the simplicity of a long continuing civilisation would have been developed after long examinations of the human mind and its weaknesses.

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