Sunday, November 30, 2008

We the People

everyone will have their say.
simi garewal will expose her stupidity on television and join shobhaa de in the league of dumb celebrities.
everyone will act as if they are stifled by a dictatorship.
everyone will signal to the world that we are always one incident away from proving ourselves to be easily led into launching revolutions.
everyone will talk as if he is hercules just because he is paying taxes.
does education make us stupid?
simi garewal should not pay any more taxes and should not avail of any services of the state.
she should give up her citizenship.
does being a woman give a latitude to be dumb.
that is my say.
she should join arundhati roy and declare her own republic.
is there a system or not?
if we are glued to the internet,television,malls,cars,gadgets,bars,restaurants and forget that there is a democracy out there with a structure layers processes and a constitution,whose god damned fault is that?
being a politician in India is surely a god damned job.

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