Saturday, November 29, 2008

Intentions of the terrorists

the terrorists attacked mumbai on the eve of the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh.the chances of these terrorist organisations being aware of these elections and their status as a semi final might be remote but they cannot be completely excluded in any analysis.
The terrorists might have felt that in the absence of the bjp from the political scene that they would lose their recruitment or existential legitimacy.
The other options could be that the terrorists want the bjp in power as they feel that the bjp is not even nearly equipped to handle issues of nationhood with maturity and wise leadership.
They might have felt that the bjp could be easily provoked into hasty acts as has been proved in the past,as a victim of the rhetoric that is the be all and end all of the bjps leadership.
The conclusion must be that the terrorists have identified the Congress as the organisation that is at the heart of India,as it exists,in the past and the future.
That is the simplest conclusion that anyone can arrive at,it does not require strategic analysts to state that.
it is obvious and that it needs to be stated reflects the present situation where the bjp has infiltrated the political sphere.
The bjps first major initiatives after reaching the portals of government was one to rewrite the constitution.
since it has developed the capability to misinform and rally the people towards itself,it has found itself in the government.
it could be said to be to the better prospects of pakistan that islamic fundamentalists have been sidelined in the democratic process.
it was the military dictatorship of zia ul haq,who is the lkadvani of pakistan,that infiltrated the ruling establishment in pakistan.
Benazir Bhutto s sacrifice lies at the heart of the possibilities of a turnaround in Pakistan.
Ghulam nabi azad stepped into the limelight from the backrooms and steered kashmir into normalcy,our uncorrupted armed institutions were the pillars around which the turnaround in kashmir was achieved.
the infiltration of the armed institutions by the fundamentalists in pakistan are at the heart of this final salvo by the terrorists.
Our own infiltrations and corruptions of the armed institutions was stopped at the earliest possible moment by the intelligence establishment and the ATS of Maharashtra.

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