Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Hindu

whoever writes editorials in The Hindu seems to have a personal grudge or antagonism with the LTTE chief .
todays editorial is not in good taste.
it makes a disparaging reference to the word 'great heroes ' used to describe the martyrs day.
it uses words such as mercy which are revealing a seething fury with regard to the LTTE.
i see no reason at all why the LTTE should have referred to the mumbai attacks in its heroes day speech.
The Hindu has expected a reference which indicates that The Hindu has come around to accepting that the LTTE heads a state in Sri Lanka.
the LTTE waged war with the IPKF at one stage and it has been pointed in the editorial.
the actions of the sri lankan state in sabotaging the IPKF should also have been mentioned.
vietnam once waged war against the united states which was a hundred times more violent and saw total destruction by indiscriminate bombing of the vietnamese countryside.
today,vietnam is one of the sought after investment destinations by the americans and the west.
having taken to arms in the mid seventies, our security establishment wanting them to lay them down one day and accept our assurances was illogical and ill founded.
the times have changed,if the LTTE once viewed India as a threat,it was due to our presumptions to act on their behalf.
Today,the words of the LTTE depict a different view and outlook.
The Hindu s comparison with the present attacks in mumbai and the subsequent reference to the LTTE being banned in 30 countries are an argument without substance.
the LTTE is holding territory against an invasion which is using guerilla tactics.
the LTTE has not been known to target civilians indiscriminately.
it has targeted political opponents.
suicide bombers have been used as it is a case of mismatched opponents.
The Hindu should not be talking about the palestinian cause in the way it does if it abhors suicide bombers.
The LTTE have taken to arms and if they face defeat,they do it while battling against an invading army.
that does not remove the legitimacy of the cause for which it is fighting.
we have a lot of issues to resolve in our country including an opposition party which has been dividing the people by insinuating that one party handles terror differently from the other,which is at the root of all the frustration in the minds of the people.
taking delight in the LTTES setbacks is neither in good taste nor is it conducive to equanimity.

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