Friday, November 28, 2008

shobhaa de,suhel seth and the media

the media is probably thinking of itself as being in a situation similar to the anti bush crusades in america.
we are not america.
if a shobhaa de and a suhel seth and other educated people have a disconnect with the political process,it is their fault and not the fault of the system.
suhel seth should realise that he is calling himself a joker when he calls the politicians as jokers.
shobhaa de has to ponder about what makes a dignified response.
if you are not a member of a political party or you do not follow politics,this is what will happen when your smooth life gets disrupted,you lose your control.
the nation will collectively work out responses on an as and when basis,that means the people will work out responses through the politicians whom they elect.
the electronic media has been carried away by emotions and passions and has revealed itself to be easily affected by the events where it is stationed.

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