Friday, November 28, 2008

hate mongering and grandstanding

the army has been battling terrorism in kashmir for about two decades and after the long years of sacrifice and having won over the people of the valley,the nation was put through the ordeal of the bjp and gen sinha playing petty politics and stirring up emotions.

everything was almost wasted by the actions of the bharatiya janata party during the amarnath yatra agitation and the forces of destabilisation smelled a chance in their moment of defeat.
what we have seen on our televisions in the last two days has been going on in kashmir for two decades and at the very end of the long campaign,the bjp went in and played politics.
the people should realise during this event when the war was brought live to them that we have prevailed in kashmir after twenty years of this kind of violence.
and yet there is one anti national organisation which still goes about motivating the people into hatred on lines of religion.
and they fault the government as soft on terror.
the bjp has to change its ways drastically and immediately.

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