Saturday, November 29, 2008

the shobhaa des

might be mistakenly thinking that they are performing their democratic responsibilities by cackling on the electronic media.
the rajdeep sardesais might be mistakenly thinking that such cackling allows the people to have a say.
there is more than such cackling to be done.
the security forces performed their role with discipline.
the politicians,except the shameless narendra modi,performed their role with responsibility.
the shobhaa des think that their role is cackling.
could it also not be a victory for the terrorists if this ruffles everyone into cackling.
we have been fighting in exactly such situations for two decades.
whatever was needed to be done was done and whatever will be needed to be done will be done.
everyone has a say in contributing effectively but cackling is not dignified and should not be allowed to come on tv.
this is not some matter of political chicanery and something within our own democracy to be demanding heads to roll.
shobhaa de has forfeited all chances of having a public say of her opinions.
there cannot be a revolution within a democracy.
suhel seth might modify his words when he next appears on tv,maybe he has already appeared and redeemed himself.
a revolution is against a monarchy or a dictatorship.
when there is a challenge,the way forward should be talked about with dignity and effectiveness.
the establishment will act as it sees fit.
if there is a need for reshuffling ,it will happen.

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