Saturday, November 29, 2008

Is the Indian civil war over

The American Civil War took place 84 years after the American constitution was adopted.
The Indian civil war was begun when lkadvani took out his rath yatra and kindled the historical faultlines.
This act reopened all the wars of the past which were open for misinterpretation by misguided and motivated groups and organisations.
The Indian Civil War phase 1 ended with the babri masjid demolition,having begun when a Congress government was absent at the centre,the next four years of a Congress government and the following three years of a Non Congress government witnessed a lull in the fractiousness.
With the ascendancy again of the fanatical forces in a situation of a leadership question in the Congress in 1998,phase 2 of the Indian Civil War began.
This lasted for close to six years when the fanatical forces were dealt an unexpected and a tumultuous reverse by the people.
The fanatical forces could never reconcile with this shock defeat and resorted to covert activities from that moment on.
The present terrorist attacks in Mumbai have brought the question of the Civil War into the consciousness of the people.
The people having witnessed the present attacks will have recalled all the events of the Civil War and the actions of the fanatical forces.
The fanatical forces will either shed their fanaticism and merge into the Congress party failing which phase 3 of the Indian Civil might be upon us.
The American civil war with full scale fighting lasted three years whereas ours has been marked by mob attacks on helpless people and retaliations by bombs placed in public places.

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