Tuesday, November 25, 2008

savarkar to sadhvi

if acute injustice is being encountered,the natural urge will be to engage in a fight where the loss of life becomes a minor issue.

the willingness to embrace death will be a paramount symbol of the sacrifice for the righteous cause.

people with dubious causes and who are removed from the masses will not feel the urge to self sacrifice as they are engaged in attempts of self sustainance and self sustenance or at best are hopelessly misguided.

savarkar repeatedly apologised to those who had imprisoned him.

lk advani was present at the demolition of the babri masjid but then proceeds to argue that he was not one of the core conspirators.
the so called sadhvi ,if her cause was genuine and had the injustice which she supposied rallied against been oppressive,would have owned up to her acts,sure and strong in the belief that the world would recognize her self sacrifice for a just cause.
but,that is not the case.and these kinds of characters continue to spread their malice to the country.
she is just another person who has committed a crime,not a spur of the moment one but a well planned one.
the crime claimed the lives of five human beings and because she wears saffron clothes,the anti national bharatiya janata party wants extra care for her.this has transformed an ordinary crime suspect into something else.

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