Tuesday, November 25, 2008


inspite of the best efforts of some experts in the media and the bjp,the sincere efforts of the army and the government have led to the next stage in the history of the state,with the people reposing their faith in democracy in a resounding manner.
some commentators were depicting the work of the government as not worth a change for the better in the situation.
they were making it out that the government could not expect things to change with the normal work of providing governance.
the bjp which is turning out to be the prime anti national organisation in our country tried to increase the divide between jammu and kashmir and was making it out as impossible for jammu to co exist with kashmir.
it undertook all out efforts to fan the flames of trifurcation.
the quiet efforts of the government have overcome all these petty efforts.
the experts in the media have been proved to be totally wrong.

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