Thursday, November 27, 2008


why the bjp is an anti national organisation is because it plants suspicions among the citizens that the government is supporting one section while not being interested in another predominant section.that is not a straightforward approach and it indicates a twisted mindset which preys on history.a straightforward approach would be to go to the people about how they would improve the situation.the bjp has come to occupy the space of the primary opposition by is not a party like any other because it has a methodology which dubs the mainstream political parties as being inimical to the so called hindus.this methodology is the most dangerous example of vote bank politics,if ever there was any.the other supposed instances of vote bank politics do not drive a section of the population to hate another.the leaders of the bjp were seen as the first ones on air after the terrorist attacks.without constant presence in the public sphere,the insinuations will otherwise die a natural death.two decades of propaganda have silently goaded people into hating gandhi and nehru and coming around to believing that the hindus cannot organise resistance when it is required,many of the bjp supporters can be seen mouthing their frustration that the hindus are eunuchs.
that will be the state of affairs,the so called hindus forgetting everything about their history and believing that their only salvation lies in the hands of an organisation which primarily consists of people from the uppermost tier of the caste hierarchy.
the people from this uppermost tier of the caste hierarchy are not feeling secure about their religion and have calculated that if more of the so called hindus can be brought over to their levels of insecurity,they will have the numbers which give them the much needed solace.
the problem is that the rest of the so called hindus have always resisted when required and have no reason to feel insecure in their own country.
that is being overcome by the more than two decades of poisonous propaganda which has even found one taker from the army.

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