Thursday, November 27, 2008

deccan mujahideen

now that we have been exposed to the calibre and capacity of these people,it only needs to be confirmed that they are from pakistan,we are able to arrive at a conclusion of the overall minds behind the attacks.

these are minds which take pride in killing defenseless people and so we can assume that are either entirely desperate or entirely deranged.

if it is proved that it is the let,this is the symbol of a final frustration at not getting their way in kashmir.

it is also evident that these people are not having any prospects of pakistan succeeding as a country.

it is the same desperation of the naxalites but who have a goal .

these fidayeens are being sidelined in their own country and hence have decided to strike in India.

These kinds of people who have totally dissolved into disorder will resort to more desperate acts in seeking retribution for their condition,not least knowing that their condition was brought about by those who fed the wrong notions of religion into them,and turned them into mindless animals.

there is a warning for the people to stay away from organisations who continually feed the untruth that we were continually subjugated by invaders without handling the situations as we saw fit.
the same untruth was obviously fed to these people who became mindless animals,because they were led to believe that they continually subjugated the people of India.
constant exposure to untruths and propaganda are sure to lead to a destabilisation of the mind.
the fact is that we would have and will respond to situations that confront us with responses that are commensurate.

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