Friday, November 21, 2008

laloo vs nitish

laloo and nitish had a take on each other as being a fused bulb,
there was a good nature about the way it was done,taking a dig at a rival.
this kind of banter is totally absent in the relations between the dmk and the aiadmk.
newcomers into politics like vijayakanth and the latecomers like jayalalithaa who want to straightaway go for the top job end up acting as if they are too good to be true.
this kind of behaviour ends up creating situations where normal democratic debates are absent and all the people get to witness are innuendoes from artificial and lofty pedestals.
vijayakanth at the moment is going through a loss of words after the law college violence whereas dayanidhi maran is repeating the mistakes that got him into a situation where his political career was abruptly ended.

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