Thursday, November 20, 2008


vijay tv had a programme about a village in tirunelveli district which is now deserted except for one old couple.

the village became derelict after a love story between two communities ended in a murder and violence.

the resultant situation witnessed both the sides leaving behind their village as they could not co exist anymore.

if it were not for the doped scribblings of manu,a dialogue would have allowed a compromise.

the ancient dravidian civilisation which had been trading with other civilisations around the world would have evolved over centuries on the basis of dialogue and consensus.

that the traditions of dialogue and common sense are not able to deal with the poison of manu should immediately make it obvious to every tamil and every dravidian that burning the writings of manu is the only solution to this tragic and pathetic situation.
the vaishnavites would do a world of good if they got together and announced that manu s writings are nothing but the fantastic dreams he dreamt after a night of excessive drinking.

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