Saturday, October 4, 2008

the business of economy

60 000 crores was waived here,
31 lakh and 50 000 crores are waived in the US,
not waived but some vague takeover and selloff later.
it all comes down to looking for growth continuously,
could there be some other way to provide for jobs and development,
should it only be possible by creating more jobs and not by sharing the existent work among more people,
this is something that i just created.
something other than communism could be possible.
how do the wealthy retain their positions without being asked to pay more?
what was happening in the US was stupid where someone was being looked up as a genius and was being paid astronomical sums.
there has to be a limit to the salaries of top management.
but we had our own medical students who did not want to work in the rural areas for just one year.
land prices are the driving force behind everything,the government can possibly regulate these also.

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