Wednesday, October 1, 2008

bombing of civilian areas

during war,such bombings have been justified.

is the srilankan government doing something along these lines?
could the ltte retaliate with their own bombings.
an ltte airstrip has been destroyed by the srilankan forces today.
there have been reports of the ltte possessing two planes.
the radar supplied by India has negated the usefulness of those planes.
war strategies would have been developed to counter the attempted assault on killinochchi by the srilankan forces.
the new indian express says that the ltte s defences are well laid and manned.’+travails&SectionID=RRQemgLywPI=&MainSectionID=RRQemgLywPI=&SEO=LLTE&SectionName=XQcp6iFoWTvPHj2dDBzTNA==

the ltte could go into the cities and towns and begin urban warfare.

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