Saturday, October 4, 2008

biggest joke on earth.

is when the supporters of the bjp feel and act threatened by the christian and muslim groups inspite of being the brute majority in all walks of life.
the hutus were atleast ruled by the tutsis and they managed to convince themselves that they had to become insane and inhuman to alter it.
here,every aspect of life is controlled by the majority yet there is supposed to be massive insecurity at the christians conversions and the muslim's agitationist stance on issues related to islam.
who is having the insecurities is what needs to be looked at,does a bjp supporter turn insecure or does an insecure person turn to the bjp.
if there is no media overplay and if there is no call made for resignations,the situation is not absolutely drastic.
the situation needs to be tightened and there will be a gradual tightening which will deprive the terrorists of their abilities.
the srikrishna commission report has to be implemented.
the so called hindus should start realising that if there is any insecurity,it requires an inward look and would result in taking the religion to the masses.
it will turn out that there is no hinduism.
saivism,vaishnavism and possibly a few others might be arrived at.
if there is an expectation that all of these should be linked together,that should be done by an intellectual exercise involving all the people.
do the religious leaders fear such a landing in the spotlight?
what will finally become visible is that vaishnavism and brahminism is actively participating in attempts to convert the majority of the people to its fold,just what some of the christian missionaries are doing.

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