Tuesday, September 30, 2008

bombs and mobs

one group of people plants bombs in public places and watches as mayhem is perpetrated.
another group of people move around in large numbers and pick members of the minority and their institutions and attack them.This group does not feel the need to be discreet as it is having the numbers on its side.
both of these groups have become emboldened and pro active.
the first group is condemned by all the communities but the second group is seen as fighting for their faith and is directly linked to a political party.this political party is reducing the so called hindus to bumbling buffoons who get all self indulgent and self righteous and go out and attack defenseless people and then proceed to feel heroic.
a decent and civilised approach of a majority community which is feeling aggrieved at being vilified would have been to visit the place where the vilification is going on and present evidence to the police.
that will be the actions of a confident and civilised community.
instead,what we have here is a community which has developed complexes about the taliban and wants to emulate them.
the results and the evidence of the spreading of this disease to sections of educated youth can be seen in the comments section of this page.

this seems to have been chosen as the way forward to build a country and strengthen a religion.
take out mobs and attack all of those who give you complexes.

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