Saturday, October 4, 2008

biggest farce on earth.

has got to be the al qaeda and other groups supposedly allied to it.
the al qaeda kills innocent non combatants by planting bombs,has killed tens of thousands in internecine warfare in afghanistan,pakistan and iraq.
the lashkar e toiba has killed thousands of kashmiris,the so called indian mujahideen randomly places bombs in public places.
these are the actions of people who are not able to summon the strength from their religion to rally themselves for a cause.
islam probably permitted the muslims to fight any persecutors.
the US is surely not persecuting the iraqis or the afghans.
the US is not setting out for war with the objective of converting everyone to christianity.
kashmir is not a case of religious persecution.
twisting political battles into religious ones and finally ending up killing a huge number of muslims and innocent non combatants is doing the biggest disrepute to islam,and these people are proud of it,which makes it the biggest farce on earth.

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