Sunday, September 28, 2008

Indian mujahideen

Has allah created the people that you are killing by your bombs or not?

Al qaeda carried out attacks against america which supposedly had a linkage to the unresolved matter of israel and palestine.
The lashkar e toiba orchestrates attacks in our country as it is losing its foothold in jammu and kashmir and it is linked to the intelligence outfits of pakistan;our government will handle it as it sees fit.

If there are problems which are faced by a community,it should make efforts to work around them.

Has the constitution been rewritten.What are your motives?

Is anyone obstructing you from practicing your religion.

If the answer is no,then are you desperately planning for such a situation to come into existence.

Is that how you propagate your religion to the world,by bringing obstacles into the practice of islam by the devout.

Should nt you be aspiring to spread the word of islam to the people rather than bringing dismay and insecurity to those who follow islam.

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