Monday, September 29, 2008

rosh hashanah

the jewish new year is on monday night,on this holy day israel must start to think about initiating expressions of apology and gratitude to the palestinian people.
an apology for committing the crime of dispossessing the palestinian people from their homes,
and an expression of gratitude beforehand for the palestinian people to accept the reality of israel due to the trials and tribulations faced by the people of israel.
the month of ramzan ends on wednesday which would give a chance to all the countries of the middleeast to contribute from their oil wealth to the cause of world peace,by compensating the palestinian people for bearing the burden of the vicissitudes of the jews.
thursday is the birthday of gandhiji,the apostle of peace.
this week with all of these religious days of significance is also going to witness the sri lankan army attempting an assault on killinochi,the capital of the liberation tigers of tamil eelam.
there was a suicide blast in vavuniya today which clearly points to the divide that exists in sri lanka.instead of reaching out to the ltte in a manner which will enable a peaceful resolution,the govt has decided to use its newfound friends and their commitments to try to crush the ltte.
the lack of support for any innovative approaches from the srilankan society has contributed to this latest attempt to blaze away to a victory.

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