Sunday, September 28, 2008

swapan dasgupta

When the topic is around the actions and the misdemeanours of the elected
representatives of the people,swapan dasgupta raises the issue that godhra must
be condemned.
By his words,he is equating the alleged criminal acts of a mob and the inefficiency and danger of a biased government.
Someone who commits a murder is a criminal whereas a person at the helm of government is not understood to be one.
Someone who attacks a place of worship or places a bomb in a public place is the worst kind of criminal whereas the chief minister of the state where these acts occur is supposed to nab these criminals and ensure that there is law and order.
the chief minister is supposed to ensure that criminal elements do not
motivate the people to hate each other and get them to kill each other.everybody in society wants the criminals to be punished according to the law.when swapan dasgupta says that we have to condemn the criminals ,what he is trying to impute is that the criminals are not being looked at as criminals.a criminal is a criminal and society realises and understands that criminals have to be punished.what society is worried about is that there should not be any miscarriage of
justice.if doubts are being raised about the delhi encounter,they have to be addressed by
an efficient police force.
When a provocative crime is committed,the chief minister is responsible for not allowing the provocation to succeed.he should ensure that the crime is properly investigated and that the criminals are brought to book and sentenced by law.if the chief minister succumbs to the provocation and further inflames the raw passions,saying that he is unfit for the job will be the most kindest and charitable thing to say.
swapan dasgupta shouted vehemently that he does not belong to any party on THE BIG FIGHT yesterday but the people who watch the show will not have any doubts.he is an ally and apologist of narendra modi under whose stewardship,thousands of people perished in communal strife.
Narendra modi is not seen as a chief minister who will impartially govern the state.The imbalance that he represents can be addressed only if narendra modi quits politics.
swapan dasgupta can also consider quitting journalism if his journalism consists of reminding the people of this country that criminals who commit despicable crimes should be condemned.
that the people know.
the people of our country will never need to be told that a criminal has to be punished by the raising this issue when the grave blunders of an elected representative of the people are being discussed ,swapan dasgupta has revealed that his thoughts are not wholesome.
if and when the doubts over the godhra incident are cleared and it is established that a crime was committed,the law will follow its own course.
as it has been doing in our country.
after the blast in mehrauli yesterday,there was condemnation from all the people
in government.
because the majority of the people were not seen on television as condemning the
incident,swapan dasgupta might write tomorrow that all of these people are
supporters of terrorism.

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