Sunday, September 21, 2008


the attack on the train and the loss of lives was used by narendra modi to allow a riot which resulted in a consolidation of a vote bank and subsequent electoral victories.
the rulers of our past ,right from the hallowed rama were typified by an adherence to justice.
That was the mindset which resulted in the pandian king dying after realising the injustice meted to kovalan.
our rulers were not despots,they ruled over a civilised and organised economy.the military component was a part of the government which was efficiently maintained.the constant wars did not mean that the nature of governance was eroded.
narendra modi allowed innocent people to be massacred by mobs.
he is now behaving like a messiah,the shame descends on our strong traditions of civilised existence.

The justification provided by the fanatic fringe was that the muslims started it.
This fanatic fringe which has infiltrated into the mainstream must also provide the reasons for the mob attacking the train,whether it was a well planned attack on pious hindu pilgrims,instigated from across the border with an intention to invite a riot upon themselves.
This will be countered by the fringe that the hindus were not expected to fight back and it was a strong narendra modi who offered them a chance to assert themselves.
This line of thinking was built up by getting the hindus to forget their history and getting them to believe that they were not capable of organising resistance.Some civilisations would have not been able to withstand repeated invasions from a neighbour who was intent on pillaging the riches.
The chinese built the great wall to shield their civilisation from the hordes intent on pillage.
The bjp and its allied groups are to be blamed for instilling misapprehensions and doubts into the minds of the socalled hindus in an attempt to get them to vote unitedly.

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