Tuesday, September 16, 2008

where there is a tilt,there is a terrorist

The people in power should be totally neutral in their dealings with the population.

If the rulers are disposed towards a section or sections,reactions are created.

The reactions can erupt immediately or over a long time.

The tilt towards some section and any concomitant negative treatment towards other sections could be due to a desire to redress some perceived or real imbalance.

The VHP can be assumed to consist of three section of hindus,
one wanting to strengthen hinduism as a result of a deep conviction that it is
the best way for humanity,after having undertaken a thorough study.
one which is not at ease with the spread of islam and christianity,as it is
unable to view the upliftment and the assertions of previously stymied classes
with an open mind.
and another which harbours hatred for islam and christianity,either as a result
of clashing of economic interests or due to a feeling of animosity arising from

if the first section actually exists within the VHP,it would have its hands full
in reaching out to the vast population that has been classified as hindu.It would have been at the scene of crimes against the dalits in maharashtra and haryana in the recent past and in Tamilnadu where episodes of dispute between castes have occurred;it was the communist parties who intervened in tamilnadu.
The second section could consist of people who want a preservation of the status
quo in the social order .This section would have been uncomfortable with the
dynamics of the social upliftment of the stymied classes.
The youth who are to be spotted online denigrating islam and advocating hatred
could belong to the second or the third sections.
The BJP is a party which is related to the groups such as the VHP and the bajrang
The BJP,when it was in power banned the SIMI,the ideological equivalent of the
VHP and the Bajrang dal.An imbalance is created when the proponents of one religion have a link with the government,which bans a group which advocates a minority religion.
One of the roots of the present climate in the country could be traced to the
banning of the SIMI by the BJP.
Salman Khurshid said on TIMES NOW that it was the record of the Gujarat police in
fake encounters which raises doubts in the minds of the muslims.
The SIMI might consist of some people who would like to turn India into an
islamic country.Similarly,the bajrang dal and the VHP might consist of a section
which would want India to be declared a hindu country.
When the government is seen as being related to either of these groups,a chain of
reactions occur which have culminated in the events of our country in the recent
The Home minister who banned the SIMI was a person who led mobs to demolish a
mosque.The followers of the bjp should place themselves in the shoes of the minority and
introspect about the ramifications of the actions of advani and others.

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