Monday, September 22, 2008


There have been various instances where groups have rallied around their identities to assert or to protect it.
A logical corollary would be the idea to create an exclusive territory or homeland.
Some organisations use fiery speeches to rally their people to this exclucivist ideology.
It is a natural desire among people to desire an ideal situation of purity for their language,culture,tradition or religion especially when faced with a prospect of a ceding of their space to others.
When there is an impression that other cultures etc are involved in planned attempts to retain their separateness and promote it,the automatic development is for all other identities to start organising themselves.
It is a small distance for this thinking to reach a situation where militant references from history are used to further the cause.
These are complex issues which have to be dealt with patience and wisdom.
The SIMI might have organised meetings where speeches calling for an islamic revolution would have been made.A public meeting needs fiery speeches to get applause and a rallying of the numbers.
The SIMI would have hardened their campaign in the aftermath of the babri mosque demolition.
The intelligence apparatus would have been in the know of these speeches which must have necessitated a show cause notice to the concerned organisations.
These kinds of incendiary campaigns would have been witnessed all around the spectrum.
Instead of adopting a dialogue with the concerned organisation,the SIMI was banned by lk advani,who is himself from an organisation dealing in such language.More importantly,the RSS had been involved in direct action to further its campaign.

The Congress could never have overturned the ban as it would have been portrayed as pandering to the minority.
The organisation was driven underground and pushed towards adopting criminal means,which has been cited now as evidence that the original ban has been vindicated.
Faced with this lose-lose situation,the minorities have to adopt different strategies which will result in a win-win situation in the long run.
The RSS and its allied organisations have only themselves to blame for not allowing the establishment to reach out to them by their violent and criminal acts right from the assasination of gandhiji.
They are now engaged in getting the hindus to feel inferior and insecure to rally them,these acts are going to be highly detrimental and damaging to the so called hinduism in the long run.
Already,they have sucessfully reignited the aryan dravidian divide by raising the ram sethu issue.
The RSS and related organisations are all that are needed for the so called hinduism to lose its cohesion.
A few upper castes and other misled parts of the so called hinduism are enacting their last great folly to retain a past prime position in the hierarchy.
There is no attempt to admit to the mistakes of the past and a genuine debate about the central tenets of the so called hinduism.
It is all about social engineering and re engineering through religious persuasion.

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