Friday, August 22, 2008

too clever or too mediocre

some of the so called elites of our country,probably all of them vaishnavites are always exerting themselves to show themselves as too clever.
however hard they have been exerting themselves,the doubt that has started to surface is whether their actions are done with a view to mask their mediocrity.

this mediocrity was overcome by developing the great stories of fantastic lineage which have been wonderfully interlinked with rama and his times.this project has helped in gaining considerable mileage after the freedom struggle and the rationalist movement.

the mediocrity of our country which was stifled under this reservation scheme by peddling fantasy and superstition has been slowly and systematically removed through the sixty years of a democratic existence.
the mediocre vaishnavite has been at pains to decry every positive development .
this kind of a existence can easily be changed by giving up the pretensions to being too clever and becoming one with the people.
in the desperate urge to have its own in government,the mediocre vaishnavite has been distracting and detracting the masses ,some of whom have been converted into defenders in the name of rama.
if instead of pretending,the mediocre vaishnavite had learnt to live and work like the general masses,he would have gained his place under the sun.
the bharatiya jhoot party,if it had played the role of a decent and honest opposition would have walked over into the government.
the painful guilt of mediocrity is what is wrecking its chances of normal existence.
the pain exists because of the false pretensions of the past which have been showed up to be what they are.
instead of furthering the agony and misleading everyone else,a resolution to act honestly and decently will do a world of good.

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