Friday, August 22, 2008

syed ali shah geelani

he is a hardliner and has in the past scuttled progress singlehandedly.

his is an emotional attachment with pakistan.

he should be reminded that there are more muslims in india than in pakistan.

sajjad lone on newsx said that he was willing to acept geelanis leadership.

the hurriyat should join the electoral process and contest elections with geelani as the chief ministerial candidate.

other elements in the hurriyat might or might not support that.

geelanis apprehensions about insidious attempts to change the demographic or other characters of kashmir and a dilution of kashmiriyat have more chances of occurring if kashmir joins pakistan.

at present,article 370 should provide him with enough assurance.

the only real chance in such situations is to positively promote the culture and make it dynamic.

one cannot isolate a culture in deep freeze and make it an artefact in a museum,that will be an artificial and lifeless way to hold on to a culture.

western influences are corrupting and weakening cultures all over the world and not only in kashmir.

if geelani is afraid of indian influences,he needs to be more aware about the history of the subcontinent.

india absorbs from everywhere but never forces itself on anyone as india has evolved through millennia of continuous civilisations.

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