Wednesday, August 20, 2008

swapan dasgupta

swapan dasgupta is dumb and dangerous.
is there anything spurious about the numbers of people who have died in the
valley,militants,soldiers and civilians.
this guy says on ndtv that the secessionists and the samiti should not be equated.
the army has made the secessionists to give up their cause by military and civil action.
the secessionists are being led into giving up that stance.
now,this guy,swapan dasgupta, jumps into the debate and says that the
secessionists and the samiti should not be equated.
If one has a disagreement with another which descends into violence and then is
on the verge of a possible dialogue,one cannot and will not hurl the original accusation which initiated the issue.
that is,if one were not dumb and one were not swapan dasgupta.
but if were not able to live with a reasonable dialogue and a reasonable outcome
and if one were swapan dasgupta,one would poke where the delicate wound is,while
pretending to look somewhere else and pretending that there was no wound.

another issue that came up was that politicians,the present ones,or generally,
should be left out.
If one has some influence in ones area,on the basis of caste or religion,one can
rouse a mob,and then gets these people to walk with the national flag,one cannot tell that it is the people who are agitating.
If the mobs actions create reactions,should the people be held responsible,or the instigators.
have the people studied law,have the people had experience in government?

This guy swapan dasgupta, also dipped into the inferiority buildup activities by telling that
the yatra was a charity of the kashmiris.

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