Wednesday, August 20, 2008

muslim votebank

The hindus,even if they make up only 75 % of the population form an overwhelming majority.The congress party can also be said to have 75 % of its members as hindus.The muslim population,if assumed to be 18 %,is nowhere near a majority.
The bharatiya jhootiya party has been trying to fool the people that the congress is anti hindu or pro muslim in order to reap the 18 % of the muslim votes.This is based on the premise that the 75 % hindus do not vote uniformly.
That can lead to the inference that there is no religion called hinduism in the first place.
If the members of a religion are not able to detect any danger to their religion across the numbers,one of two things are possible.
Either there are divisions among the hindus or there is no danger to the religion.If there are divisions among the hindus,should that cause an inferiority complex while looking at more unified religions?
If the members of a religion are thinking and voting en bloc,it can mean two things.The religion is cohesive and lateral or the members of the religion feel the need to stay united in a hostile environment.
Islam has been in India for a thousand years,that is long enough for its adherents to be an inalienable part of the population.The riot victims in gujarat have received compensation,which can never bring back the dead to life,but justice prevails.
They can be said to be living through a tough time,where other religions target them to overcome their own shortcomings.
The islamic community in India will eventually come out of this tough time with a better outlook.

The bharatiya jhoot party,instead of trying to get the hindus to think and act unitedly,is getting them to think and act unreasonably.It has been trying to get them to forget their reasonable and practical nature,and their simple and pure religion,which is related to their way of life.
The religion of the people is a pure religion which thanks nature in all its manifestations for the gifts of the soil and its yield.The people have evolved customs and traditions over millennia,means and methods to ensure dialogue and redress conflict.Newer technologies and religions were always welcomed enthusiastically.
The attempts of a later priestly class to develop a uniformity over these millennia old ways of life began by grafting myths over the simple and pure religion of the people.These attempts of the priestly class ended up creating divisions among the people.As with the attempts of any group to tamper with the millennia old modes of life,the attempts of the priestly class were defeated.
The priestly class has now gotten onto the ram bandwagon to get the people to accept its inventions.It has even turned sivan into a personality in its latest and most desperate attempts.

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