Wednesday, August 20, 2008

amarnath sangharsh samiti

The amarnath sangharsh samiti is taking its foolish behaviour to newer levels.The government is putting up with their agitation as the bharatiya jhootiya party is waiting in the wings to portray any victims of police action as martyrs.The agitation's leaders are fooling themselves into a longer agitation due to the dilemna of the government.
There is a yatra that has been going on for over a century and whatever needs to be done should be done.The Jammu region has representation in the assembly and that is where all the other grouses should be addressed.
Taking up an impossible cause which does not allow a chance to compromise and then resorting to chestbeating does not tell well on the protestors.
The agitators are making it look like they have been denied due democratic rights all this while and are breaking free from years of penury and slavery.
There is no reference to the situation in the state during the last decade and the number of deaths that have occurred.
The agitation can be said to be led by people with the smallest brains and minds.
That is what happens,when brains and minds shrink,when religion is thrown into the mix.
If the situation were that of an imminent independence for jammu and kashmir and jammu wanting to split and remain with india,the agitation of the present type would have been commensurate.
A normal human being will understand that the present situation in the valley was taking a positive turn and the elections would have marked a decisive shift towards normalcy.
Another scenario for such an agitation would have been one in which the yatra was being sought to be cancelled indefinitely.
But it was never cancelled during the toughest years of the insurgency.
The Congress should deploy its younger faces to talk some sense into the leadership of the samiti.The bharatiya jhoot party should be isolated by another all party conference in which the decision to appeal to the samiti to give up its agitation must be made.
The Indian traditions of dialogue and common sense are being lost due to the activities of the bharatiya jhoot party.
Some sections of the so called hinduism feel that their interests can be strengthened by getting the hindus to feel inferior and insecure.After getting a sizeable number to start pretending so,on that basis,if they rake up agitations,they might get short term political power but what they are actually achieving is a long term fragmentation.
If you get the people of your religion to start feeling inferior and then mobilise them,you are getting them to lose their reason,which is not good for any human being and any religion.
A religion is strong and survives when it is confident and open minded.

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