Friday, August 22, 2008

Religions for Rallying

A religion is a method which helps man to live a civilised life.Some religions have been evolved by man himself through the years while others have been established and formulated by a single persons thinking.
Christianity and Islam are believed to have been set forth by a son and a
messenger of god respectively.Christianity emerged in an urban and a highly militaristic society which would have been in need of a counter to the authoritarianism of the government.
Islam was founded in a nomadic environment and possibly provides a rigid code
covering various aspects of life whereas christianity bases itself on the
kindness of jesus christ.
People are free to follow whichever method.
A muslim can possibly follow christianity if he is living in a predominantly christian society and vice versa.
In the middle ages,various rulers favoured one or the other religion which
resulted in religion becoming one of the motivations for war.
In the present day also,religion is a camouflage for starting wars.
The communist rulers in the seventies in afghanistan would not have cracked down
on the religion followed by the people.The british while ruling over much of the world could not have made it a policy to obliterate religions other than christianity.

The problem began in iran when the shah was influenced by western culture which
led to the islamic revolution.Religion also became a rallying point in the fight for economic freedom.
Israel is at the centre of all of the islamic upheaval in the middle east.

If people all over the world are convinced about the divine connection of their
respective religions,could it not be possible for them to accept that god would
have sent different messengers to different areas of the world at different
Those people who are not convinced about the divine connection of their religions
could be the ones who feel the need to propagate their religion aggressively.Why do some people have to promote and proselytize their method to others?
Why do others invoke their method to justify their wars and fights which are actually fought for domination and freedom?
osama can say that he is fighting to defeat american imperialism and american
support for israel.
America needed to fight in vietnam and afghanistan to check the soviet buildup,it should have avoided portraying its fight as against a godless communism.

The LTTE is one organisation which has not mixed its religion in its fight,not
portraying the lankans as infidels or anything of that sort.

people all over the world do not seem to be getting all the answers from their
particular religions and these doubts seem to be leading them into a violent
confrontation with the followers of other religions.There is possibly a fear that their particular religion will not be able to withstand the influence of other religions.
If religion is taken out of the equation,conflict resolution will become easy.

The Israelis can be seen as a ruthless group of encroachers .
The dispute between India and Pakistan is over territory and not over religion.

The present crisis in the gulf was conveniently portrayed as a clash of civilisations while WWII with 55 million deaths was not seen to be about religion even though buddhism and communism were involved.

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