Tuesday, August 19, 2008

indian mujahideen

these people have been led into planting bombs in public places and killing innocents.
the point that any half sane person will be able to understand is that if everyone starts propagating their religions by the use of violence,not many people will be left behind.

are their grievances beyond redemption,
have all avenues been explored for gaining justice,
if any discrimination occurs in society,are there other intelligent ways to raise these issues,
is simple democratic association not possible,
even in the face of the utmost injustice,there are other methods which can be effective,
if the real intention is an amelioration of injustices,perceived and real.


the palestinians have taken up arms and suicide bombs to overcome extreme injustice and aggressive behaviour of the occupier.

the muslims are a part of our country and our democracy and the seemingly educated minds
behind the indian mujahideen should look at all the options available in a democracy.

the time has come for the indian mujahideen to realise that there are noble ways to seek justice.
brotherhood and fraternity can coexist with a fulfilment of the aspirations of all sections.
is there anything in the constitution that enshrines injustice?

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