Friday, July 18, 2008

dr manmohan singh and the triumph of democracy

he has worked in various capacities,as a professor,director of the reserve bank,advisor to the govt,governor of the reserve bank,finance minister,leader of the opposition and is now the prime minister of the country.
if some people of the country are trying to impute a dilution of the sovereignity of the country to dr singh,it is an assumption of a failure of the state and its institutions.
who are these people who are attacking dr singh personally?
have they served in the bureaucracy,
have they served in the government,
have they contested elections,
is a person without grassroots experience in politics an easy target for political expedience.
the pm has the prerogative to negotiate deals on behalf of the country.
the prime minister does not belong to a johnny come lately party.
he is at the helm of a party which has been holding our country together and taking it from
strength to strength.
theory is theory and it can never substitute for democracy.
theorizing should guide democracy but cannot take over the democratic institutions.
this deal is being done by the prime minister in a democracy.
if some people have targeted him personally,they should not expect any courtesies from the
prime minister.
all they have available is the chance to engage in loud shouting.


POOJA NAIR said...

I appreciate your points of view.

It's always refreshing to see an enlightened point of view.


samurai said...

hi pooja,
its good to see ur comment,
it takes a lot of time to be dealing with the likes of shiva venkat,and u are really doing great by engaging him,i thought i had enough of him,ur tenacity is good for the country whereas his insecurity is rubbing off on a few of the so called hindus.

i read in ur blog about ur prayers to hanuman and hope u dont take it hard as im asking a few questions about hanuman.

hanumans qualities inspire devotion and a pious reverence.