Sunday, July 27, 2008

should the bjp be dismantled

it is becoming clear that the bjp is a misfit in the political scene of our country.

it has tried to pollute every mind in the country,hindu muslim christian and others.

it has polluted the sanctity of parliament.

the party does not know anything about decency and will break up the nation if left unmanaged.

it has caused various young minds to be poisoned by its brand of street politics.

these youth are being led into a state of insecurity.

once the indoctrination takes place,it will require more than a lifetime to be able to come out

of its hold.

if we as a country are to go into the future as a strong and united country,such youth need to be


the likes of swapan dasgupta and cho ramaswamy are involved in furthering their inferiorities and giving them a real feeling.

there is nothing positive about the bharatiya jhoot party,
it does not and cannot think about bridging any divides that exist,
it goes out of its way to create newer divides.

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