Thursday, July 17, 2008


everybody has an opinion about the nuclear deal.
a good number of distinguished people have developed a personal angst with the pm.
everybody just does not seem to be able to stand the pm.
at the same time,there are bemoanings about dynasty being in control of the congress.
the same people are not able to trust a normal non jingoistic person as a pm.
these people seem to be saying to the pm that they do not want him to go ahead with the deal
because they just do not want him to do it,all kinds of arguments are being expended.
all of us intellectuals are screaming our guts out and how can he,who is an apolitical person press
ahead without giving a damn to our decibels.
every person with a view wants the pm to hold on so that they can feel good about having stopped a prime minister in his work.
is the prime minister a qualified man or not?
is he the prime minister or not?
does he consult with the establishment or not?
do the people who are not in govt have more knowhow than the bureaucrats in the establishment?
there does not seem to be any confidence at all in these people.
will we be dealing with the russians and others or not?

government is all about action,
it is not for people who ponder forever,
the same holds for the sethu project,
some people will forever be wondering about the ecological impact.
as a retired navyman said,digging the earth to build a house also has ecological impact.

government is all about educated decisions and moving forward.
everybody cannot be consulted for an opinion.
we are nowhere near being a pantisocracy.

things have to be taken in their stride.
tarapore happened at a different point in time.

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