Monday, June 30, 2008

Nobel peace Prize for the Hurriyat Conference

The crisis in kashmir suggests the level of insecurity or animosity that exists with regard to the central government.There is a constitution in place under which more than a billion people are living.The hurriyat has to see reason and participate in the electoral process.If kashmir is to enclose itself within its borders and bar all contact with the outside world,the secessionst movement should continue.
A situation whereby POK is slowly brought into the states present borders would be perfect.The capitals could be triangulated between jammu srinagar and muzaffarabad.

If that is farfetched,10 % of the legislators could be allowed to be elected from POK.These legislators should have dual membership in a POK assembly.This arrangement should be taken up for a twenty year period.At the end of that period,the arrangement should be reversed for another twenty year period.A final referendum should be held in POK after this period to allow the people a chance to join the Indian union.

A reciprocal agreement with Pakistan involving some preferential trade or some arrangement to set up a combined university where equal numbers of indian and pakistani students study could be thought of.
The IPL and junoons concert have brought down the barriers.

The hurriyat can set the ball rolling for all of this to start happening.If the hurriyat participates in elections,it will be the most significant moment in the subcontinents history.It would surely result in the nobel prize for the hurriyat.They would not be getting into some invisible morass.They will be joining an ocean of humanity who have been setting an example in coexistence for the world.Participating in elections does not mean immediate victories neither does it mean or suggest total defeat.Defeat in the elections does not mean a dissolution of a political party.

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