Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Indian National Congress

The suicide attack in Kabul has not yet been seized upon by the bjp in its usual big way.The Congress government takes it in its stride without any knee jerk reactions.The supermen of the bjp,if they had been in power would have felt the need to exhibit bravado.Their depiction of the Congress as nowhere near themselves in the supermen category lands them in predicaments and robs them of their sheen each and every time they face up to a complex situation,in the past,maybe in the future.
The Congress is the only hope for India as a country and that is the reality.The Congress does not have the ability to raise attractive issues for the media,when Rahul Gandhi does the unattractive work,he is derided for not being in tune with the politics of elections.The Congress will weather every onslaught on the country by every party that comes up from time to time solely with the intention of capturing power without any social democratic purposes.The one thing that is pan indian is the Congress party,it is neither cricket nor bollywood.

There are some ideas for the Congress in this article in The Hindu by Malini Parthasarathy.

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