Monday, June 30, 2008

The Bjp s powerless hindus

The Bharatiya janata party will gain greater successes if greater numbers of hindus feel powerless and inferior.Unfortunately,for the bjp,the constituency which feels so is restricted to the upper castes.The party has therefore been trying to spread a hatred of muslims to the vast majority of the hindus,who neither feel powerless nor feel inferior.The upswing,if any of the bjp,therefore is dependent on getting a vast majority of the hindus to feel powerless and inferior.Some sections of the so called upper castes of the so called hinduism are not at all comfortable with democracy.They have also started raising calls for revolution,confident that rama and krishna will be able to raise the numbers for them in their game of retaining supremacy.The question that these torchbearers of the socalled hinduism must face up to is why was the english presence in india needed to start the process of dismantling the hierarchies of hinduism.

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