Monday, June 2, 2008

The jew and the vaishnavite

The vaishnavites and the jews have grand stories of their lineage .The vaishnavites have robbed a majority of the people of their dignity and the jews have stolen the land of a million people.Both of these groups are ill at ease with the muslims,the vaishnavites instigating the other backward communities against the muslims and the jews causing,controlling and calibrating the clash of civilisations.A special status of being the first peoples is claimed by these groups which has resulted in an arrogance and an overwhelming justification of their actions.Both are militant in their rejection of the rights of the majority of other people .
The vaishnavites are at present arguing that one of their gods built a bridge in some bygone age and hence demanding a freeze of any other activity in that area.The jews have criminally trespassed and occupied land inhabited by other people.The belief of a direct descent from divinity makes these groups think of other people as being lesser.
Does that mean that both of these groups are going to be perennially involved in rejecting the rights of others?
Is that what the so called and claimed divinity has conferred on these groups?The claims have only resulted in perpetual animosity.The jews claims are confirmed by christianity and islam but are predated by the african traditions
whereas the vaishnavite claims are hollow as there are older traditions and beliefs.

An obsession with the texts and an inability to think freely characterises the imprisonment of these groups within their hoary books.The stories of their texts have made it impossible for these groups to live at peace with others.

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