Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gujjar agitation

The bjp should issue an apology for its false promises to the gujjar community to get it into the st category.
The normal processes of democratic governance and decision making have been thrown away in
the hype that the bjp has injected into the political system.
The bjps latest attempts to portray itself as a supercop in the fight against terror goes against
the sensible impulses and methods of a democracy.
The thinking of the bjp is to achieve power at any cost .
It feels that once it gets into power,it can entrench itself.
This greed or supreme desire for power reveals that it has motives other than the smooth functioning of the democracy.
The bjp will realise that hype cannot be sustained while governing if and when it reaches the portals of power.
Governance is about the slow and long haul.
The people are naturally inclined to giving the mandate to the opposition once in atleast two terms,as was demonstrated in madhya pradesh.
The ugly desire to be in power makes the bjp to forget this and it engages in all sorts of trickery and deceit.
The good work of the ashok gehlot government was overcome using false promises.
The bjp has raked up the gujjar and the hogenakkal issues in its drive for power.
If the bjp is interested in the long term stability of our country,it should apologise to the people of rajasthan for its false promises.
It should reach out to the people about the real process behind evaluation of a community s status for the purposes of reservation.
It should take a leaf out of japanese politicians who publicly apologise for their misdeeds.
It might result in being out of power for two terms,at the maximum.
It will be back in contention,in one term,if the congress does not perform.
Even if the congress performs,the people will look out for a change after two continuous terms.

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