Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hype masters in office in karnataka

The Bjp is making a lot of noise about having come into the south.It is a national party and not a party with its head office in pakistan or afghanistan.The Communist parties are governing in the east and in the south.If the communists form the government in rajasthan sometime in the future,will they be talking about having gone into the west.The primary reason that the Bjp is excited is because there were no takers for its type of thinking in the south.If it was the first MP in the south,the soundbytes would have been understandable.
The urban youth in karnataka seem to have needed a militant outlet and the easiest one has been created and provided by the intellectual dummies of the Bjp.There is no thought about nation building,winning elections is the one achievement that excites the Bjp.Sections of the youth are not connected to the history and are in a need for some issue which allows them to mobilise aggressively.
The Janata party formed the government after the 1983 elections,providing a clean alternative to the congress 25 years back,winning 95 seats.
The janata dal was led by VP Singh and it won 115 seats in the karnataka elections of 1994 and formed the government.
The BSP won one seat in the same 1994 elections.
Both of these parties have their principal activity in the north.
The JD split into the JD(S) and the JD(U) in the 1999 elections,together polling 24 % of the votes.
The euphoria of the bjp about having debuted in the south reveals that there is something different in its policies and image.
It reveals a relief that its thinking can now be said to have found takers in the south.
It is a scar on the southern peoples that rabble rousers have found their way into office.

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