Thursday, June 12, 2008


The vaishnavite is desperate to erase history and the clashes which occurred when the vaishnavites tried to impose their modes and methods.The vaishnavite religion has slowly crept into the south through ten centuries and has managed to portray itself as one with saivism.It is a religion of deviousness and politics.There is nothing about it which inspires devotion.When falsehood and chicanery are used to promote it,it further slips in the longer term which is opposite to the aims of the practioners in going to the courts.

Vaishnavism has come to represent a religion whose practitioners rely on people in high places to continue the conspiracy and the artificial superiority.The downfall of the vijayanagar empire can be traced to such actions of the priesthood and a removal from the people.
Krishnadeva raya s biggest mistake seems to have been the adoption of the vaishnavite religion.Religion has to be understood by the people,an alien language stifles and suffocates the people,who lose their dynamism.There were various degrees of violence in the clash of cultures which took place between saivism and vaishnavism.

Trying to sweep it all under the carpet is one of the many obfuscations that vaishnavism has to indulge in to retain its opulence.Different modes and methods are welcomed by the people at all times but when falsehood is used to manipulate history,it will not have beneficial outcomes in the long term.

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