Saturday, May 31, 2008


The educated classes which comprise the brahmins and other upper castes feel that their interests are safe under the bharatiya janata party.Such a desperate search and passionate zeal as is evidenced by these classes in their backing for the bjp cannot be seen even among the classes which have been deprived of educational opportunities and dignity through the centuries.

The educated classes are not being deprived of their right to education or of the right to practice their religion.Inspite of any such move to disenfranchise or dispossess the educated upper classes ,their strident support of the bjp has resorted to misinformation which makes it appear like something of the sort has been initiated.
The educated classes are frantically searching for some cause which gives them a chance to mobilise.They have converted the reservation issue into one such cause.
Gautama buddha,basava,guru nanak and many others have made attempts to break the fantasy of caste superiority and the hold of the ritual.While Buddha and Nanak s teachings have evolved into different religions,basavas followers could not reach out to the vokkaligas and in their quest for regional power have joined forces with the representatives of the ritual.
The fight has been going on for 2500 years and not 60 years.The last 60 years have seen direct action instead of spiritual or philosophical actions.The representatives of the ritual and the educated classes are not able to come to terms with this.
Even after 2500 years ,we are nowhere near getting rid of the mumbojumbo of the ritual.
The chorus "Even after 60 years.........." is a self serving joke.

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